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"Our organization is dedicated to mentoring young black males, particularly those who are from impoverished environments."

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Determined Brothaz is proud to announce the upcoming summer release of the Revelation & Retrospect CD, a ministerial contribution in the form of hip-hop music that is edifying and uplifting.  This project is made up of various local artists, each of which have stories highlighting their lives as lost human beings but ultimately arriving at a place of redemption and dedication to the Lord.


We live in a time in which the influence of hip-hop is undeniable.  It is more than just music, it is a culture complete with images, perceptions, and doctrine that are destructive but nevertheless embraced by members of our community and accepted as truth.  To our detriment, we seek to talk, dress, act, and ultimately live like those in the industry that define success by the amount of money they have and the number of women from which they have to choose.  Even those of us that insist that because we know the difference between reality and fiction are prone to fall victim due to the potency with which hip-hop music’s subtly intrusive nature infiltrates our minds.  It was our assertion that considering the pervasiveness of this music, that God’s Word should be delivered rather than the enemy’s lies.  Thus, Revelation & Retrospect was born…