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"Our organization is dedicated to mentoring young black males, particularly those who are from impoverished environments."

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About Us

Determined Brothaz is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of young boys and men of color who are particularly, but not exclusively, from impoverished environments and/or single parent homes.  The aforementioned empowerment will be accomplished through mentoring, academic tutoring, and serving as surrogate fathers as opposed to just being simply a friend.  Our practices include:


   •  Teaching the children about God and ensuring that the children understand the

       importance of having a relationship with Him


   •  Establishing a relationship with the parents of the young boys based upon trust

      and a genuine interest in helping them to realize  their worth so  

      that we may be allowed to be more than just a ‘buddy’.


   •  Becoming a presence in the schools by accepting the role of a parent that has a

      genuine interest in the child’s educational development.


   •  Establishing partnerships with educators that work directly with the  child.  This

      will create a sense of transparency of the educational process in the schools the

      children attend.


  •  Conducting regularly scheduled tutoring sessions


   •  Identifying and educating young boys who have erroneously been placed in

      special education by school systems and the educators they employ that are

      ill-equipped to relate to and/or educate them.